OTERA Maniac

How to know about Japan - Many answers have given to this question.

One says to go to an IZAKAYA, a Japanese style bar, other says to wear the KIMONO,the famous Japanese clothings, or go to FUJIYAMA, or GEISHA spot, or do HARAKIRI...

And, in addition to these answers, I strongly recommend to go to OTERA, Japanese Buddhist temple.

There are 2 reasons. First, OTERA has the "beauty" of the era that was made, created by the best artisans of the era. Second, OTERA has the "wisdom" of Buddha, which have given strong effects on the Japanese way of thinking.

It is lucky for me, I live in Kansai district, where has many famous and beautiful OTERAs, and to be able to introduce them for you.


Rock-on Temple
The first OTERA is one of the most famous one in Kyoto, Rock-on temple.

As the name shows, this temple was made without religious purpose.

ASHIKAGA Yoshimitu, the "SHOGUN" ( King of Japan ) made this OTERA to enjoy himself with NOH, Japanese rock'n'roll music of the era, and almost everyday he came this OTERA and held Rock'n'roll festa.

This OTERA is also called "King-Cock" Temple because of the goldly-shining statue of King-Cock on the top of the roof.

In Japan, this name seems to be more popular.

Catch a taxi at the Kyoto station and say the driver, "Go King-Cock," and you can enjoy the contrast of the shining King-Cock, the golden Rock'n'roll stage, and the calm and quiet garden.


* Original concept by Mr.Tsume.